World News

16/01/2011 23:22

 The World News (WN) Network was founded in 1995 and launched online in 1998, with the primary objective of being the most comprehensive, one-stop news resource on the Internet. Today, World News has over 20,000 global thematic and regional news sites - enhanced by the web’s most comprehensive multilingual search engine. The World News Network attracts 14 million unique users and over 40 million page views/month.

A global leader in online news, the World News Network has around 400 media partners, from mainstream providers ( BBCCNN,Reuters, Washington PostAl-Jazeera, etc) to more regional and localized sources ( The IndependentThe New York Times,International Herald TribuneNew Zealand HeraldKhaleej TimesThe Guardian), delivering unparalleled coverage on a vast range of subjects. This empowers our users by providing a wide variety of perspectives and different interpretations on breaking news events.

WN's global readership offers an unrivalled window for advertisers seeking a worldwide audience. Educated and affluent, our users have developed a bond of trust with WN due to our impartial, 'no-bias' news policy. This equates to a unique advertising opportunity - Whether you are launching a new product or seeking to expand market share, World News delivers.



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